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.COCOON Club & Bistro


Below, A jazz-feel bossa bistro cafe serving wholesome fusion urban cuisine in an open space social atmosphere ! , it offers relaxed amusements of passing time with lively friends and effervescent fanciful service.

Above, this space combines signature “Cocoon” cocktails, unique artist shows; such as, aerial hoop acrobats and aerial silk; with Deep house / Underground / electro swing grooves & spins of imported guest Dj’s.

It comprises of expansive inclusive bed lounge enveloped by tiered dance floors, obliging both a meeting point, as well as a viewing point perched over Bangla’s Nightlife scene

Catagory:Beach Club & Discotheque & Bar
Goods and Service: -
Opening Hours:23:00 - 02:00
Telephone: 061 187 1174

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