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Hollywood Discotheque (VIP Room)

VIP Room Makes Your Dreams Come True

VIP ROOM has become not only the premiere club venue in Patong Beach but one of the foremost Nightlife destination in Thailand. What makes this club so special – a club located in the beginning of Bangla Road coming from the sea. The 1200 square meter is split into one totally new room with new music and design, and with every choice of entertainment. No visits to the Phuket Island are completed unless they include the experience of a party at VIP ROOM. It is considered by many as no less as the Mecca of party music. It is a club which has become one of the funniest places in Thailand for lots of people, a second home for party lovers from the five continents. VIP ROOM is appreciated for taking care of their guests. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment as well as a unique, exciting nightclub experience. VIP ROOM is decorated and organized to meet the particular and precise needs of our visitor. Whatever that requests, dancers, decorations arts, valet service and even full buffet. The real heart of the club lies in its staff, the music and the open-minded crowd it draws that helps to make magic each and every night. The focus of the club’s design is to create a highly social atmosphere. This will be achieved through the placement of couches, booth seating, and a quieter lounge area located away from the dancefloor and music. Moreover VIP ROOM attracts and routes the top talent DJ from all over the world. Dazzling their audiences with high-powered lights, sound, and music, these venues are still one of the funniest place in Thailand

Catagory:Beach Club & Discotheque & Bar
Goods and Service: -
Opening Hours:10:00 - 03:30
Telephone:097 987 8972

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